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 Your Private Island Getaway





Your Private Island Getaway





Your Private Island Getaway



The Cat Island
Cookie House

Welcome to the Bahamas

The COOKIE HOUSE will afford you your own private room…choose from 6, all at the waters edge.

Meals at the Cookie House are just steps away or enjoy exotic dining from our deck while watching local fish in a coral head.  Lobster, Conch, and fresh fish are nightly specials.

Honeymoon Special call Call (707) 939-1027 for details.

Also available, doing nothing.


Bone Fishing | Snorkeling | Skin/Scuba Diving | Warm Beaches | Shopping

Your individual cottage looks out to a 180 degree ocean view.  Take the time to reward yourself on this remote island and experience this hideaway.

There is a $90.00 per night per room charge that is for two persons ONLY, should your party have more than two persons you will be charged a $30.00 additional fee per night for each additional guest upon arrival at The Cookie House.

A/C   |  Ceiling Fans  |  Refrigerator  |  Iron  |  Ironing Board  |  WiFi available

Meals at the
Cookie House

Dine at our very own restaurant.

The Cookie House provides unique meals cooked daily.  In addition, ride into town and experience unique Caribbean Cuisines.

Everyday Treats

Cookies are our specialty

Of course we have plain old chocolate chip and sugar cookies, but you’ve traveled thousands of miles to have one our unique cookies.
Go for it.


What could be better than to travel 100 feet and have your own restaurant creating fantastic local food dishes that you can’t get anywhere else.
Order up!

Conch Fritters

Known as a delicacy in various parts of the world, Bahamian Conch Fritters are small bites of local queen conch meat fried in a savory batter with a combination of peppery seasonings (hot goat pepper, hot sauce, and sea salt) and commonly used vegetables in the Bahamian diet, which grow abundantly among our islands.


Paradise is just a few hours away.  What are you waiting for?

Make A Reservation

Call Wayne Lazarus to discuss concerns or questions.  (707) 939-1027

It’s closer than you think